a platform at an ever-changing station


Metroscope: An instrument for measuring inaccessible heights and distances.

Metroscope is an permanent interactive exhibition space developed in collaboration between Parallel and Tolhuistuin, inviting visitors to participate in a journey shaped by innovative and/or iconic creators, storytellers and musicians interrogating our future. Matthijs Booij (founder of former platform Patty Morgan) designed this exhibition space as a platform for ever-evolving 'stations' inviting visitors to catch a glimpse of what the future holds for us through peepholes.

Each exhibition will be digitally archived and commemorated by engraving artist names into the stainless steel structure, building an ever-changing, dynamic mosaic of ideas and legacies straddling the past, present and future.

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Metroscope's design refers to the artwork "Underground" by Siet Zuyderland, which was on display across the IJ from 1980 to 2015. For the opening of Amsterdam Central Metro station in 1980, Zuyderland’s ‘viewing boxes’ were installed in the entrance hall, inviting commuters to peer into whimsical and captivating hyperrealistic snapshots of futuristic-looking global underground networks. This depiction of artificially lit architecture palpably captures these environments as the epicentre of the then rapidly developing modern world.

Re-contextualising this work above ground, the arrival of Metroscope continues to inspire a new wave of artists to imagine and respond to our unknown futures.

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Screenshot 13
Siet Zuyderland's original work, Underground (1980), in Amsterdam Central Station.


The exhibition space will be open to visitors from Saturday 10th December 2022.

The first stop on the journey is Post Future Absence Street, co-curated by Matthijs Booij and Eva Zuyderland (Siet Zuyderland's daughter) featuring the only slides that were spared after the demolition of Underground.

The next station will be reached on the 14th April, curated by Sjoerd Martens and Upsammy.

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Matthijs Booij setting up the exhibition space details.
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