Electric Circus is a collaboration between inventor Fred Abels and puppeteer Mirjam Langemeijer. Working together since 2004, the duo combine puppetry with modern techniques such as animatronic and self-designed software to create lifelike creatures and visual installations in public spaces.

For Metroscope, the duo are showcasing a variety of poetic mechanical pieces. As with all Electric Circus' work, this also is a mix of various techniques, from puppet theatre, the film industry, and the world of illusionism: from the thaumatrope (the precursor of the film) to animatronics. Avoiding screens and involving the real presence of the figures and scenes, the pieces create a live experience, set in motion by the spectator himself.

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"I hope to amaze and tickle the viewer with these sculptures. There are certain associations that I want to evoke that appeal to the imagination, and with which every spectator can create their own story."

- Mirjam Langemeijer

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