Do I need a negative test result / QR-code to get in?

No. You don't need a negative test result and you won't have to show a QR code to get in.


What does Parallel do to provide a safe space for its visitors?

Parallel endorses the ClubEthics Manifest and Code of Safer Clubbing. This means:

- All visitors should be able to be and express themselves however they want, and treat each other with respect.
- (Sexually) aggressive, obstructive or intimidating behaviour and discrimination in any form (e.g. racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, Islamophobia and homophobia) is not tolerated.
- If you experience any kind of intimidation, you can notify any member of our staff in confidence.
- Parallel staff has the right to remove visitors if they exhibit any unwanted or excluding behaviour, or refuse entry at the door when people threaten to endanger the safety of other visitors.

What is Parallel's search policy?

Parallel's staff at the door may check your bags and clothes for prohibited items like food, drinks, drugs and weapons.

What is the policy on drugs?

There is a zero-tolerance policy in regard to the possession, sale, purchase or use of drugs at Parallel. This includes both hard drugs and soft drugs (including, but not limited to cannabis/weed/marijuana).

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable or threatened?

If you feel threatened in any way by a fellow attendee, please contact the closest member of Parallel's staff. They will help you discretely. We also encourage everybody to follow up with us via email about any situations that made you feel unsafe while in the club. Parallel can offer professional help in these matters and in general take action to improve the safe space policy.


How do I purchase tickets?

You can buy tickets for Parallel events on this website or at the door (if the event is not sold out).

You need a Parallel account to purchase tickets online. This is where your tickets are safely stored and where you can update your preferences. For a safe transaction, we just need your name and email address. Other personal info is optional (except when paying with credit card). Our ticket partner Paylogic is handling the transaction.

Please mind that these are the only official points of sale. Purchasing tickets through resellers like Ticketswap or Viagogo is at your own risk.

Will there be door sale?

Only if an event is not sold out. We advice to get your tickets in pre sale to make sure you can attend.

Why do I need an account to order tickets?

To securely process your order and store your tickets, you must have a Parallel account to place an online order. This way we can link your tickets to your profile and help you quickly with problems or questions about your order. It also helps us beat fraud and prevent ticket scalpers from buying large amounts of tickets.

If your tickets get lost in your mailbox, you can still find them in your account. Within your account you can download your orders and share tickets with your friends.

Do I need to personalize my tickets?

No. You can share your tickets with everyone you want and it doesn't matter whose name is printed on the ticket. As long as you're the only one using your unique bar code.

When can I purchase tickets?

You can find the ticket sales start date and time on the relevant programme page on this website.

What happens if an event is rescheduled or cancelled?

We will reach out through email as soon as we know an event can't take place as scheduled. Please check this email for information regarding the request of refunds. Only original buyers can return their tickets. If you received your tickets through the send to friend option (available for some events), you need to reach out to the ticket sender to mutually handle a refund.


Is Parallel accessible for wheelchairs/disabled persons?

You can enter the venue through the main entrance on the ground floor. The club on the first floor is accessible by using the elevator.

Does Parallel have house rules?

You can find Parallel's house rules here.

Can you scan my e-ticket from my smartphone?

This is possible and also preferred as it is better for the environment. Just make sure your e-ticket is ready on your smartphone and the brightness of your screen is set to its highest. If you have serious cracks in your screen it is possible that the scanner cannot scan your barcode. If that is the case, please bring a print of the e-ticket.

What time does the programme start?

Correct times can be found on the indivual event pages of our website.

Does Parallel have lockers?

Parallel has lockers (€2, cash only). Please note: using our lockers is at your own risk. We cannot be held accountable for any cases of loss, damage or theft of your property.

Can I take my suitcase or trolley case with me?

It's not allowed to bring any trolleys, suitcases or large backpacks with you inside the venue. It is allowed to bring a small backpack, though we would like to ask you to leave these in a locker.

Do I pay cash or by card?

At Parallel you can only pay with debit and credit cards. Please mind that American Express is not accepted at Parallel.

Is there a minimum age for visiting Parallel?

The minimum age for club nights in Parallel is 18 years. This does not apply to concerts in Parallel/Tolhuistuin.

Can I have a smoke?

Yes. You can smoke or vape outside. Smoking and vaping inside the club is not allowed.

Can I take pictures in the club?

First of all, we recommend that you enjoy your time at the club by dancing, listening to music and meeting new people, instead of looking at your phone.

At some club nights it is not allowed to take pictures for the benefit of the safe space. In that case our staff will put a sticker over your smartphone's camera lens. If this is not the case, you are allowed to take pictures or videos.

It is not allowed to bring professional cameras into the club.

What forms of ID are accepted?

We accept the following documents to check your ID:

  • Passport
  • ID card (issued by government)
  • Drivers license
Where can I park my car?

The closest parking garage is situated below the A'DAM Tower at Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS. From there it is only a 150 meters walk towards Parallel. You can also park in the city centre of Amsterdam. The closest parking garage there is Parking Centrum, Oosterdoksstraat 150. From there you have to take the free ferry to Buiksloterweg on the North side of Amsterdam Central Station.

Lost & Found

I've lost an item in Parallel. What to do?

Please email our lost and found department via lost@parallel.am with details of the lost item, the date and name of the event and other information you think might help us to trace your item. We keep lost items for a maximum of one week. Did you lose something? The umbrella location Tolhuistuin keeps track of all lost and found items.