We The People Poetry Night - 5 year anniversary

Price including €2,00 service costs

Doors 20:30-21:00
Show 21:00-23:00

Parallel welcomes back the Amsterdam-based cultural and creative platform, We The People, to celebrate their 5th anniversary this autumn.

To commemorate the occasion, We The People are back for another edition quenching your poetic thirst and fulfilling your poetic appetite, with a line-up of poetry, spoken word and music serving up food for thought and soul.

Accompanying the main programme is the opportunity for visitors to take part in the open mic. Registrations are now open via this sign up form.

The event is hosted in English, but performance languages may vary. This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Boston 'The Orator' Williams (UK)

A shelly-ann man with the words. Furore has rarely sounded so articulate. The oral traditions left by
our ancestors are well and truly in good hands. A glitch in the matrix, The Orator provides poetry laden in languish, yet so full of zeal and optimism. No virtuoso, The Orator is a man with something to say, and the gall to scream from it from stage to stage. Be prepared. Be present. Be amazed and more, because for this Poet, Poetry is nothing less than bloodsport.

Daniëlle Zawadi

Daniëlle Zawadi (1999) writes prose and performs with spoken word. Her stories often revolve
around what it means to be young in the Netherlands as a second-generation individual: born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but raised in the Netherlands. In her work, Zawadi addresses her bicultural background. She discusses friendship and how its definition changes as she grows older. As a member of GenZ, she sees her writing as a way to capture her inner world like a photograph, one in
which others can also recognize themselves through the use of language choices that include not only Dutch but also French and English. One manifestation of this was her theater debut, "Alstublieft, Zawadi." This was a one-woman spoken word performance that toured the country. Due to her passion for writing, Zawadi initiated a platform for word art in The Hague called "Het Zwarte Schaap" (The Black Sheep).

Ruben Croes

Ruben Croes is a multi-instrumentalist and performing artist / songwriter. At his 4th age he picked up the guitar growing up in a musical household. His Indonesian roots made him the person he is today. He quit his deep rooted passion for the martial art sport Pencak Silat to continue his purpose; sharing his art in the form of music.

He released his 'Mr Nice Man' debut single on the 13th of January. His next single 'Blood' will be released soon.


Jörgen "UNOM" Gario (St. Maarten/Curaçao/The Netherlands) is a performance poet, singer-songwriter, electronic music producer and workshop facilitator. Combining spoken word and music he explores the
energy of melody and poetry as one. He is a founding member of Poetry Circle Nowhere, the first performance poetry collective of the Netherlands. He has performed in among other places Belgium,
Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Tanzania, Cyprus, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden and South Africa.

Chev Karto

Chev is a queer spoken word artist and musician with roots from Suriname and Java. She uses her lyrics and melodies in an attempt to decipher her life and mind. In her latest work, her words are a bridge between worlds, inviting listeners to experience the complexity of self-exploration.

Sunni Lamin Barrow

Sunni Lamin Barrow (1998) is a multidisciplinary artist from the Gambia spreading roots in the Netherlands. His works are offerings of the heart symbolizing experiences lived and prophesying a future for African queer liberation and becoming.

After young years of performing as a spoken word artist, Sunni is now exploring new theatrical hybrids in his artistic career. His soon-to-be one-man Show “A Fist Of Tongues” will premiere at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September of 2023. In this performance, Sunni invites his multiple identities for a round table conversation.

Sydney Lowell

A creative spirit, born as Sydney Lowell, with her rhythmic poetry tells stories that move. For the manifestation of the spirit, for connection, and as a call to love and introspection, Sydney Lowell is a poet out of necessity. She sees her poetry not only as a reflection of herself, but also as an extension; an extension that allows her to operate as a messenger. Every performance is an invitation to closeness and an energetic exchange with her audience.

Sometimes critical, sometimes sensual, sometimes introverted, sometimes extra - always soulful. Born in Amsterdam, she is active as a spoken word poet, voice actor, host, teacher and cultural producer.

Sydney Lowell has stood on different national and international stages. She's also
co-founder & producer of cultural platform We The People and online spoken word
production 2PHRASE.


Smooth rhythms with sweet sounds, and the feeling of mellowness, Bkk's music is an invitation to his lyrical world. This songwriter, rapper, and DJ depicts the complexity of modern love, its nostalgia, and the intricacy of thoughts and feelings in an unstable, hectic world, (where confusion rules). From Port-Gentil, Gabon, and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, this incredible storyteller draws inspiration from a rich background and many cultures. Winner of the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam in the category Hip-Hop in 2020, he has since expanded his artistic footprint with his own community, "NO BIGGIE" organising hip-hop and RnB infused events throughout the city of Rotterdam.


To help keep Parallel a safe and respectful space where people feel free to be their entire selves, please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to your arrival.

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Moments from the last edition

Photos: Elzo Bonam (@elzo.arsenio)