We The People Poetry Night - Poetry in Motion

Price including €2,00 service costs

DOORS 20:30-21:00
SHOW 21:00-23:00

The address for entrance to this event is IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam

After 2 sold out shows for our 5-year anniversary last fall, Amsterdam based cultural platform We The People returns to Parallel this spring. Here to quench your poetic thirst and fulfill your poetic appetite. This time, we invite you to experience poetry in motion – through the merging of spoken word, movement and (live) music.

Feeling like sharing something yourself? Visitors can sign up for our open mic slot. Register from March 18-24 via this sign up form.

Performance languages vary. The event is hosted in English. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

For more information and details: We The People

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Elten Kiene

Elten Kiene is a spoken word artist, presenter, organizer and workshop teacher. He's co-founder of the platform Woorden Worden Zinnen, a performance event for word artists with a positive state of mind. Running like a thread through all his activities, is the uniting of different worlds with word art. With words like apples in settings of silver, it feels like he dances as he speaks. Elten will always leave something that touches, surprises, amazes, and that is valuable. In 2020, he received the Cultuurprijs
Zuid-Holland for his literary events. And in 2022, Elten performed his own play ‘Ik ben nog nooit op dit punt geweest’ (I've never been at this point in time) at Oerol Festival. He loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and, not unimportantly: this ‘professional hobbyist’ is always open for a new challenge in one of his many roles.

Gita Buhari

Gita Buhari is a Dutch-Ghanaian singer songwriter who explores and processes her own emotions through her music influenced by many genres such as hip-hop, neo-soul, uk (electronic) music and shoe-gaze. She aims to vulnerably share personal experiences through her music with her soothing low voice and honest lyrics. Her songs touch upon identity, love and the human psyche. In the midst of the pandemic she released her debut EP ‘Queen of Nothing’. In 2022 she released her second EP called ‘Blood Lily’ where she and her musical partner Arjuna Vlasblom mixed trip-hop, shoe-gaze sounds into electronic soul very elegantly.

J.J Scoop

J.J Scoop is an expressionist/performance artist who aims to transmute the findings of his inner landscape into his craft as a means for catharsis and communal healing by honoring the traditions of oral storytelling & sonic vibrations through the use of his horn as a saxophonist. Though his sound resonates with the Spiritual/Ambient Jazz and avant garde movement, he encourages people to be perceptive to his artistic integrations of Past Present and Future.

Lin An Phoa & Jiaxin

Lin An Phoa is a poet & performer who uses the body as a source of information and inspiration. In physical and critical poetry, she touches on the experiences of existing that leave traces in our bodies and our bloodlines. Her work is an invitation to connect, soften, reflect and feel human. For this performance, she invited dance artist Jiaxin Chen to join the journey. Together, they continuously reach for a shared language and energetic exchange, to tell stories that move.


SIEM's lifelong passion for music began in his childhood home, a houseboat surrounded by lush greenery. It was his father's eclectic record collection that exposed him to a wide range of rhythms and harmonies that nurtured his love for music. SIEM started creating and deejaying at a young age, but his musical vision went beyond simply making people dance physically. He believed that music
had the power to move listeners in profound emotional and spiritual ways too. Ultimately, SIEM's goal is to share his passion for music and move listeners on deeper levels, allowing physical, emotional, and spiritual expression to rise together into an unifying experience



To help keep Parallel a safe and respectful space where people feel free to be their entire selves, please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to your arrival.

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