w/ Cheb Runner, Disco Arabesquo & Moving Still

Third Culture Club

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We’re pleased to announce our new clubnight ‘Third Culture Club’. A club somewhere between cultures with an emphasis on sounds from the Global South!

As our world gets more connected every minute, we live more and more in-between cultures with our identities layered and our lifestyles merged. Third Culture Club aims to combine all these aspects into a new night, a third culture, where borders evaporate and we playfully combine our identities through music and visuals. We invite DJs who mix sounds that narrate their lived experiences and identities. A Global South infused visual & auditory experience into the morning!

For our first night we will have a three headed line-up with the founder, the Dutch-Egyptian Disco Arabesquo, the Saudi-Irish Moving Still & the Moroccan-Belgium Cheb Runner. You will hear Maghreb rhythms with electronic sounds, Palestinian rap, Amapiano (cause we love South-Africa), Punjabi UKG, Khaliji killers, Brazilian Baile-Funk, Egyptian Mahraganat, Caribbean-Dutch Bubbling, Obscure Libyan Bedouin Bounce and beyond.

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Cheb Runner

Producer Cheb Runner (real name Reda Senhaji) is a musical hurricane rooted in the Moroccan soil, exploring the West European electronic musical landscapes. Nurtured by both worlds, he represents a new sound of in-betweenness. Using first hand sounds and recordings of his own sample bank based on traditional instruments, he mixes playfully analog with digital effects supported with an unique collection of synthesizers. Cheb Runner started his career on the music scene flirting with different names, collectives and genres the last 10 years. Both as producer, composer and dj he is merging traditional and contemporary electronic sounds together moving from Moroccan chaabi, spiritual sounds to eclectic disco, deep techno and Dutch gabber. He is part of the (A)WAKE collective.

Disco Arabesquo

Moataz Rageb also known as Disco Arabesquo is a sociologist, DJ & collector of Arabic cassettes and vinyl. He specializes in Arabic-Western cross-over sounds that portray a creative generation searching for a new identity. He will select Arabic sounds from Middle-East (South-West Asia), North Africa and mix it with other worldly sounds. He's known for his sold-out parties called 'Disco Arabesquo Night' and has reissued music like 'Sharayet el Disco', 'Maha' & 'Nagat el Saghira'.

Moving Still

Jamal Sul, known behind the decks as Moving Still, is a Jeddah-born, Dublin-based producer and DJ who has carved a distinct niche in the electronic music scene. His style marries traditional Arabic sounds with modern electronic beats and house music, creating a genre-blending auditory experience.

One of the significant milestones in Moving Still's career came with his high-energy participation in ‘Nooriyah’s Middle of Nowhere’ Boiler Room set in December 2022, showcasing how Arabic electronic music can elevate any dance-floor in an era where clubbers worldwide are craving more authentic, traditional sounds. Tracks like ‘Disco Haram’ have found a global audience, breaking those barriers between Western and Middle Eastern music scenes.

Moving Still's work is a reflection of his personal narrative, a blend of his Saudi Arabian and Irish heritage, and a testament to an evolving signature sound. His growing discography and the recognition from the Boiler Room set are just snippets of a promising career that continues to break new ground with each release.

House Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

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