w/ Vigro Deep, Donn Stone, Prince Pasensi & OISHĪ


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Every Friday, Parallel opens the doors to Terra: a fresh weekly club concept showcasing sounds from the global electronic underground. Rounding off Terra’s November programme are Rotterdam’s Donn Stone, South-Africa’s international superstar and one of the biggest producers in the Amapiano scene, Vigro Deep, Amsterdam’s Prince Pasensi, and Terra resident OISHĪ.

About: Terra

Welcome to a new home ground in Amsterdam where sounds from the global diaspora collide and mutate with the western electronic sphere, creating new matter united by a percussive, bass-driven cohesion. Together with a team of residents and weekly guests, Terra showcases a weekly constellation of Afro house, Amapiano, baile funk, batida, gqom, futuristic mutations of dancehall, reggaeton and many more under one roof.

Read more about this new chapter in Amsterdam's nightlife and get to know our residents here.

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Donn Stone

Donn Stone a international DJ based in Rotterdam. A true pioneer of the African Electronic music scene . Well known for his exclusive piano selections and diverse Afro electronic sounds. In his journey as an Afro electronic DJ, he traveled to South Africa to study the sound and culture in Soweto and Pretoria for the ultimate musical experience of the South African sound.


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OISHĪ brings her iconic recipe of femme-fatale and raw edge style to all her mixes. The eclectic DJ and fashion designer has been an avid contributor to the blossoming of Afro-futurism in the Netherlands, regularly showing her take on the diversifying electronic club landscape by crafting her own sonic universe.

OISHĪ's creativity flows effortlessly, merging vogue beats, baile funk, Afro rhythms, and house into her distinctive sound. She's a professional when it comes to providing the musical gems that crowds so often desire - the familiar anthems that feel melodic, warm, and lusty.

Prince Pasensi

Prince Pasensi is a DJ/Producer based in Amsterdam Southeast of Surinamese descent, creating a sound that blends his heritage with electronic music, drawing from styles such as Baile Funk, Batida, Techno, Highlife, and House. Growing up in Amsterdam Southeast, the most culturally diverse part of the city, he was surrounded by music from Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Curacao, India and the USA.

Post-pandemic, Prince Pasensi took it upon himself to create and spin electronic dance and club music infused with Kawina and Kaseko. Coining the new style "KRIXYO", he pays homage to those at the root of music preserved by enslaved Africans in Suriname and across the diaspora.

Vigro Deep