w/ Philou Louzolo, Antunes, Rozaly, and Chalé


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Friday october 13th at Parallel
DOORS: 23:59 - 05:00

Every Friday, Parallel opens the doors to Terra: a new weekly club concept showcasing sounds from the global electronic underground. For this edition of Terra, resident CHALÉ is joined by Philou Louzolo, Rozaly, and Antunes for a night of dancehall, diasporic club music, and underground gems.

About: Terra
Welcome to a new home ground in Amsterdam where sounds from the global diaspora collide and mutate with the western electronic sphere, creating new matter united by a percussive, bass-driven cohesion.

Together with a team of residents and weekly guests, Terra showcases a weekly constellation of Afro house, Amapiano, baile funk, batida, gqom, futuristic mutations of dancehall, reggaeton and many more under one roof. Read more about this new chapter in Amsterdam's nightlife and get to know our residents here.

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A huge music lover that connects South African sounds with one’s body and soul; this is how Antunes describes herself as a DJ. Having grown up on her father’s Cape Verdian (West-Africa) sounds and her mothers Surinamese music and Favorite 70’s Soul Playlist, Antunes grew up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence, all which became infused with her own love for Classical music, R&B, Soul, Kizomba and many more genres. Apart from her energetic and musical ways to create unforgettable memories, she also loves to practice her piano skills in producing her own music.


CHALÉ is an Amsterdam-based DJ. As a child of Ghanaian parents, he was introduced to different types of African music at an early age. As he grew older he developed his passion for music which eventually led him to master the decks. He is known for his energetic, eclectic music selection varying from UK Bass, club music from the diaspora and hip hop, which he also showcases during his monthly radio show, on Operator Radio. CHALÉ has established himself as a household name in the Amsterdam nightlife scene, but he has also extended his resume with performances abroad in Paris, Berlin, Milan, London, Copenhagen just to name a few.

Philou Louzolo

Louzolo's journey through music fostered an early appreciation for cultural expressions at large. His evolution into a performing artist unfolded years later, guided by the vibrant nightlife scenes of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Rooted in an extensive pan-African sound, he began captivating vast audiences, propelling his popularity beyond national and international borders. His appearances at prestigious venues like Panorama Bar, Nuits Sonores, DGTL, Le Sucre, DJOON, North Sea Jazz, De School, and Dekmantel Selectors further underscore his global impact.

However, Louzolo's musical exploration extends beyond traditional African records. He layers in elements of obscurity found in afro house, techno, sci-fi, acid house, and electro, defying genre expectations. He possesses an intrinsic, deeply personal drive to fuse the ancestral traditional sound with the progressive currents of intergalactic electronic music.

The culmination of his artistic evolution finds expression in his label Wokoundou. More than a record label, it's a multiverse, where time and space converge, generating a ceaseless surge of movement, knowledge, creativity, and play. This unique space bridges the past and present of electronic and futuristic African sounds.

As Louzolo continues to shape his sonic narrative, he remains grounded in African soil while reaching for the limitless sky above and beyond. His mission to expand the realm of African music serves as his ultimate quest, propelling him toward an uncharted musical horizon.


Hailing from Amsterdam, this DJ finds a home on Echobox Radio with a show aptly titled 'Behind the Mountains,' where he continually uncovers the sounds that lie beyond the horizon. From ambient and trip-hop to dub, IDM, tango, and electro, Rozaly's sonic explorations seamlessly traverse and unite diverse genres. With a dedicated effort, Rozaly is constructing a platform that amplifies non-conforming sounds originating from the Caribbean islands, including his native Curaçao. In a perpetual quest for enigmatic and uncharted records, he curates an auditory journey that promises to envelop us in sublime supersonic sound waves. Prepare to embark on this captivating sonic odyssey.


Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

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