w/ ahadadream, passion deez, state offf & unruly phoenix


Price including €2,00 service costs

Friday 6th October at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 06:00

Every Friday, Parallel opens the doors to Terra: a new weekly club concept showcasing sounds from the global electronic underground. This week, Terra residents Unruly Phoenix and State OFFF are joined by UK club tastemakers Ahadadream and Passion Deez. Expect a night filled with pure percussive energy and drum-focused club belters.

About: Terra
Welcome to a new home ground in Amsterdam where sounds from the global diaspora collide and mutate with the western electronic sphere, creating new matter united by a percussive, bass-driven cohesion.

Together with a team of residents and weekly guests, Terra showcases a weekly constellation of Afro house, Amapiano, baile funk, batida, gqom, futuristic mutations of dancehall, reggaeton and many more under one roof. Read more about this new chapter in Amsterdam's nightlife and get to know our residents here.

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Rooted in an unwavering rhythm, Ahadadream's movements are guided by a persistent beat. This London-based artist exudes boundless energy and fervor as he skillfully navigates various creative roles: primarily as a DJ and producer, but also as an A&R, label head, event director, and now a pivotal tastemaker in the vibrant UK club scene.

Ahadadream's musical creations embody the essence of percussive power, featuring club anthems characterized by their agile drum rolls. Possessing an undercurrent of coiled intensity, his distinctive drum-centric productions draw inspiration from a spectrum of influences spanning the UK, his native Pakistan, the African Diaspora, and beyond. His musical artillery, brimming with latent energy, has seamlessly integrated into the playlists of revered artists like Four Tet, Skrillex, Dixon, Jamie XX, Bonobo, Laurent Garnier, VTSS, and Ben UFO. Furthermore, his edits have received acclaim from pop luminaries, including the likes of Rosalía.

Passion Deez

Renowned as the unparalleled Passion DEEZ, this artist is celebrated for his prowess as a DJ, seamlessly weaving an intricate tapestry of bass-centric sounds that traverse the spectrum from 2-step and dark garage to instrumental grime and jungle. With an extensive 10+ years of experience, he's established his presence through community and pirate radio, channeling his efforts towards creating enduring platforms to showcase his artistic vision and myriad influences.

Passion DEEZ's creative approach is diverse and multifaceted – he ingeniously infuses Pop vocals into fringe club sounds to enhance accessibility, explores pseudo-nostalgia to unite disparate spaces, and curates events that champion inclusivity and representation. His origin story is a blend of Zimbabwean roots, London upbringing, and current residence in Amsterdam, each element contributing to his distinctive musical narrative.

A staple at Radio Radio FM as a resident DJ, Passion DEEZ frequently graces a plethora of community radio stations and broadcast platforms in the Netherlands with his guest mixes. His commitment to these spaces remains steadfast, as he continues to host and curate with unwavering dedication. From meticulously curated club shows, standout festival appearances, and carefully orchestrated radio broadcasts to his active role within Team Patta, Passion DEEZ is a name that leaves a mark, resonating in the memory of those who encounter his remarkable talent.

State OFFF

The Amsterdam-based DJ, producer, and creative mastermind flawlessly showcases high energy sets that combine the exhilarating sounds of new age Gqom interspersed with exciting contemporary genres and edits from the African diaspora and beyond. His debut EP, 'GQOM TODAY', introduced a futuristic take on the dark, minimalist sound and went on to top Apple’s Hardcore Electronic Music charts across multiple countries.

State OFFF's performances are set ablaze with refreshing sounds, as he so masterfully strings together the right kicks, chants, and rhythms.

Unruly Phoenix

If you say Amapiano, you say Unruly Phoenix. No genre immediately feels as exciting to her as Amapiano, however she isn't bound by that genre alone, loving to surprise crowds with a perfect blend of sounds including Afro tech, melodic-tribal tech & gqom. This talented DJ/Producer has quickly found her place on the best line-ups in the Netherlands and abroad, with gigs at Tommorowland, Down The Rabbit Hole, DGTL, Woohah, Lowlands, Mystery Land, Afro Nation and Best Kept Secret.

While not on stage, Unruly Phoenix is dedicated to her studio time both independently and collaboratively with other artists. Her main focus is to push boundaries, propagating these sounds around the world. Behind the deck is where she feels most alive while sharing uplifting vibrations with everyone she comes in contact with.


Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

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