w/ Gafacci, Chocolate Swirl, Doulou & State OFFF


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Every Friday, Parallel opens the doors to Terra: a fresh weekly club concept showcasing sounds from the global electronic underground.

Kicking off Terra’s November programme are OROKO Radio mainstay duo Chocolate Swirl, Ghana’s Gafacci, Amsterdam-based, South-African born Doulou, plus Terra resident State OFFF. This night channels sounds from the motherland, spanning Afro house, polyrhythmic grooves, and electronic sounds from the African diaspora.

About: Terra

Welcome to a new home ground in Amsterdam where sounds from the global diaspora collide and mutate with the western electronic sphere, creating new matter united by a percussive, bass-driven cohesion. Together with a team of residents and weekly guests, Terra showcases a weekly constellation of Afro house, Amapiano, baile funk, batida, gqom, futuristic mutations of dancehall, reggaeton and many more under one roof.

Read more about this new chapter in Amsterdam's nightlife and get to know our residents here.

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Chocolate Swirl

Franny Badu and Shammah Ansah join forces together as the musical duo Chocolate Swirl. Their music is dynamic and different, spanning electronic, house, acid and techno swirled with the sounds of their motherland, providing deeper insights and dynamic perspectives of Black music.

Residents for Oroko Radio (GH), they've played at well known events throughout the Netherlands, and guests on various guest radio mixes including Operator Radio, United Identities, Batik Boy Radio, Radio Tempo Não Pára and more.



Gafacci is a constantly evolving visionary and versatile artist whose productions naturally include an afro twist with strong influences of electronic music. Experimenting with multiple genres, he created the unique Gafacci sound spreading across Ghanaians and music lovers beyond the motherland today. His knowledge of the global music scene and the very ‘twists’ his productions embody are driven by the influence of his love for the booming ‘Asokpor’ music in Ghana back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

From being mainly in the studio, he went on to paly at renowned festivals like Fusion (Germany), CTM (Germany), Oslo World (Norway), Nyege Nyege (Uganda) and Chalewote (Ghana). He is also the brain behind the ‘Jowaa’ project, where he produced songs like Okwe and Banku Dade which was #1 downloaded bass track on Juno in 2017.

State OFFF

The Amsterdam-based DJ, producer, and creative mastermind flawlessly showcases high energy sets that combine the exhilarating sounds of new age Gqom interspersed with exciting contemporary genres and edits from the African diaspora and beyond. His debut EP, 'GQOM TODAY', introduced a futuristic take on the dark, minimalist sound and went on to top Apple’s Hardcore Electronic Music charts across multiple countries.

State OFFF's performances are set ablaze with refreshing sounds, as he so masterfully strings together the right kicks, chants, and rhythms.