w/ Phantom Wizard (live), Sacre (dj set) + Bruno Sitton (meditation)
Price including €2,00 service costs

Saturday 21st October at Parallel
Doors: 06:00
End: 10:00

Introducing Sunrise: a brand-new ADE event inviting dancers to let the night gently flow into the day, where night owls and early risers come together to unwind or recharge for a fresh start to the day.

The event starts at 6AM, with an opening DJ performance, followed by an experimental live performance on the cutting-edge of acoustic and electronic music. After this, visitors are invited to join a guided meditation session. To conclude the Sunrise morning session, a light and nutritious breakfast will be served.

All ticket holders for Terra's ADE club edition can redeem free entry to this after-hours morning event at Parallel.


06:00 - Sacre (ambient DJ set)
07:30 - Phantom Wizard (live)
08:00 - Bruno Sitton (sound meditation)

Breakfast will be available from 06:00 to 10:00. If you plan to participate in the meditation session, we recommend that you postpone your breakfast until after the meditation.

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Phantom Wizard (live)

Phantom Wizard is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist of Surinamese descent born and raised in Amsterdam. He creates experimental sounds that explore personal experiences and thoughts on the connection between the physical, spiritual and abstract aspects of life.

Improvisation is an essential part of his practice, serving as a portal into the subconscious mind. This highly personal approach to art facilitates the exploration of the complexities of his multifaceted identity.

Bruno Sitton