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Pxssy Palace

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*DISCLAIMER: the time of the event is officially Sunday the 14th April at 01:00 AM - this event follows directly the Country vs Country Vineyard ball ending 00:30.

Pxssy Palace, the legendary London club night known for uplifting BIPOC queer and trans folk while advocating for club care, is making its way to Parallel for their first ever club night outside of London.

This is gonna be a night you DON'T WANNA MISS. Prepare to lose yourself in a sonic kaleidoscope of sweaty bass, captivating sounds, and unapologetic high femme anthems. DJs from both the UK and Amsterdam will be uniting to create an experience that'll have you on your knees.

This is more than just a party, it's a celebration of self-expression, inclusivity, and pure dance floor magic. Get your tickets now and prepare sweat.

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OISHĪ brings her iconic recipe of femme-fatale and raw edge style to all her mixes. The eclectic DJ and fashion designer has been an avid contributor to the blossoming of Afro-futurism in the Netherlands, regularly showing her take on the diversifying electronic club landscape by crafting her own sonic universe.

OISHĪ's creativity flows effortlessly, merging vogue beats, baile funk, Afro rhythms, and house into her distinctive sound. She's a professional when it comes to providing the musical gems that crowds so often desire - the familiar anthems that feel melodic, warm, and lusty.

Mya Mehmi

Ryan Lovell

Pxssy Palace (DJ set)


Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

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