w/ Angel D'Lite, DJ Sweet6teen b2b X-Coast, Lucky Done Gone & Sansibar

Modus x Phantasy Dance - ADE

Price including €2,00 service costs

DOORS: 23:59 - 06:00

Modus returns to Parallel for Amsterdam Dance Event, presenting their first collaboration with DJ Sweet6teen's project, Phantasy Dance. For the occasion, Modus founder / curator Lucky Done Gone and Sweet6teen are synthesising their shared musical bond for euphoric club energy, assembling an all-star cast for this Amsterdam reunion.

Kicking off the bill is London-based Angel D'Lite touching down to weave femme sensuality with her high octane rave selections. Next up: DJ Sweet6teen & X-Coast teaming up for a hard-hitting genre-hopping voyage with a penchant for the 90s and beyond. Completing the night is Lucky Done Gone with his signature platter of dreamy left field eclectic electronics and Sansibar's infallible floor-focussed multiverse of sound expanses.

About Modus:

Modus is Parallel's platter for eclectic electronics, presenting events where you can experience electronic music in multiple ways: club modus, live modus - and many more modes to follow.

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Angel D'Lite

Post-constructivist rave, hi-nrg lovecore, cakebeat, fabba. Angel D’lite comes from an alternate universe where the UV sun gives way to neon night skies, and genres flow in kaleidoscopic displays of temporal distortion.

Schooled in London’s underground party network, in a short time she’s gone from omnipresent trance dancer (signature move: the table polish) to being at the forefront of an international queer resistance against corporate electronic music monoculture. With releases on Shubzin, Ritual Poison, Planet Euphorique and more, she blends femme sensuality with roughneck rave. Always ecstatic, empathic and energetic, she looks like the party she brings.

DJ Sweet6teen b2b X-Coast

DJ Sweet6teen is on the rise as an essential part of the newcomer scene - delivering a hard-hitting, energetic sounds with a deep passion for 90’s rave music and anything emerging from that scene. She is keenly collecting rare and slept-on records to bring some oldskool flavours back on the dancefloors. Fascinated by the natural progression of electronic music (particularly house, trance, breakbeat hardcore, jungle, UKG or early 2000's breaks) she’s known for weaving this variety in her organically shaped and boundless sets.

Serbian-born, Brooklyn-based musician, Bojan Cizmic, AKA X-Coast, has earned a ravenous reputation on the internet and beyond for his ability to effortlessly drift through different genres, musical styles and references as a DJ and producer. His smash debut, ‘Mango Bay’, named after the EP’s most successful single, plays with nostalgic sounds of 90s rave culture, garnering millions of plays on streaming platforms. Touring across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, he cut his teeth behind the decks at some renowned venues and festivals (Igloofest, Knockdown Center, Renate, Stealth, Concrete, Circus Tokyo & Osaka, Club Mince, The Love Inn and Bassiani, to name a few).

Lucky Done Gone

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As a DJ and creator, Lucky Done Gone launched his own platform Modus in 2022 to connect people and show his diverse musical taste in multiple ways, extending far beyond just house and techno. Those who have seen Lucky Done Gone play know it’s not just his sets that are contagious, but it’s his friendly artist vibe, too. His eyes are always fixed on the crowd in front of him, making sure everybody is enjoying the music as much as he is.

Lucky Done Gone's sets are a mixture of eternal styles: dreamy house, 90s techno, left field sounds and trance influences that dance between subdued vibes to the more emotional side of things.


Hailing from Helsinki but based in Berlin, Sansibar is a cosmic producer, resident DJ at Kaiku and Post Bar whose genre-unbound sound credentials for the likes of Kalahari Oyster Cult, Natural Sciences, Émotsiya, Darknet & Avoidance have established him as one of the most intriguing talents in the European scene today.

From floor-focused wares bridging a skull-busting mix of electro, techno, house, jungle, new beat to further downtempo sound expanses and vaster lucid visions soaked in thick shrouds of daze and euphoria, Sansibar’s sound realm is a multiverse of textures and rhythms with gravity-defying powers of submersion.


To help keep Parallel a safe and respectful space where people feel free to be their entire selves, please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to your arrival.

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