w/ John Talabot, Violet (live), Ineffekt & more

Modus - ADE

Price including €2,00 service costs

Thursday October 20th at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 06:00

Get ready for the fourth and very special ADE edition of Modus. Headlining this evening is John Talabot and he brings along Violet (live), Eva Geist b2b Mark Knekelhuis, Ineffekt and Lucky Done Gone.

Knekelhuis is hosting the second room of Parallel. Although ADE is all about dancing, for this night we create an additional experience in Parallel where visitors can get a more laid-back involvement. Eva Geist and Mark Knekelhuis will play a b2b allnighter in this room where they touch cosmic, hypnotic and introverted techno for a unique trippy experience. Dancing is allowed, and there is space to settle down.

About Modus
Modus is Parallel's platter for eclectic electronics, presenting events where you can experience electronic music in multiple ways: club modus, live modus - and many more modes to follow.

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John Talabot

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John Talabot occupies a fairly unique position in the current electronic landscape. A space he has carved himself by staying true to an artistic vision that is broad in its scope and specific in its convictions. His open-minded approach to making, collecting and playing music allows him to be just as comfortable on the main stage of a great summer festival as in a small local club, earning the following of both the occasional fan and the demanding connoisseur along the way.

Violet (live)

In her home city Lisbon, Violet is contributing to her local scene from different angles. She’s co-founder of online radio station Rádio Quântica and also resident at mina – a queer rave in unexpected venues. This work permeates Violet’s practice as an artist, as she thoughtfully expresses the political history of dance music through her voice and her music.

Eva Geist

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Eva Geist is an electronic artist who dedicated her life to poetry. Educated as a classic piano player and singer and trained as a live performer and sound designer, Eva found important references in the Neukoelln art community of Berlin. Here in 2015 in a bar that doesn’t exist anymore called Del Rex, Eva played her first live set, something in between a dancing session and a concert.

Mark Knekelhuis

Enter the world of Knekelhuis. One of the Netherland’s freshest contemporary labels, its offering is vast and varied: 1980s coldwave, modern ambient poetry, synthpop, techno, house, EBM, Punk, Krautrock, and left-field electro all feature. But equally, its founder, the DJ and producer Mark Knekelhuis, has formed the imprint into something remarkably cohesive and crafted, despite its esoteric leanings.


Ineffekt produces a colourful mix of breakbeat, pop and techno. You can listen to it on the debutalbum 'Kora' by the 20 year old DJ/producer.

Lucky Done Gone

TB LDG lowres12
As a DJ and creator, Lucky Done Gone launched his own platform Modus in 2022 to connect people and show his diverse musical taste in multiple ways, extending far beyond just house and techno. Those who have seen Lucky Done Gone play know it’s not just his sets that are contagious, but it’s his friendly artist vibe, too. His eyes are always fixed on the crowd in front of him, making sure everybody is enjoying the music as much as he is.

Lucky Done Gone's sets are a mixture of eternal styles: dreamy house, 90s techno, left field sounds and trance influences that dance between subdued vibes to the more emotional side of things.