w/ Courtesy, Sedef Adasi & more


Price including €2,00 service costs

Friday 30th December at Parallel
Doors: 23:00 - 06:00

Wrapping up the year in true Modus style, save the date for this club mode special to end 2022 on a feel good note. Presenting an international line up of talents, expect a night of conviviality, community warmth and pure energy rippling through the dance floor. Headliners Courtesy and Sedef Adasi will set the tone, alongside Amsterdam-based DJ Iggy P and Modus' very own resident and initiator, Lucky Done Gone.

About Modus
Modus is Parallel's platter for eclectic electronics, presenting events where you can experience electronic music in multiple ways: club modus, live modus - and many more modes to follow.

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Courtesy by Mark Peckmezian
Under the moniker Courtesy, Danish artist Najaaraq Vestbirk’s practice began on the dance floor, using it as a starting point to examine the organic relationships formed between strangers coalescing in these transcendent spaces. Touring extensively as a DJ, performing in distinguished venues and festivals around the world such as Berghain, Bassiani and Sónar by Night, she is also the founder and artistic director of Kulør, a record label and multidisciplinary artistic platform.

Sedef Adasi

Act local, play global: DJ, producer and HAMAM Nights host Sedef Adasi has built a reputation as one of Germany's best selectors in the electronic club music scene. As an Augsburg citizen and daughter to Turkish-Albanian parents, she has long put forward the concept of staying true to one's home, sticking to her South German home base instead of relocating to the big city. Holding a long-standing residency at Munich’s BLITZ club and now Berlin’s Panorama Bar, she has grown an undefined sound drawing from proto disco, techno, acid, house breaks and 80s/90s pop music, uniting multi-faceted sound niches that are at times very fast and energetic with groove and emotion.

Lucky Done Gone

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As a DJ and creator, Lucky Done Gone launched his own platform Modus in 2022 to connect people and show his diverse musical taste in multiple ways, extending far beyond just house and techno. Those who have seen Lucky Done Gone play know it’s not just his sets that are contagious, but it’s his friendly artist vibe, too. His eyes are always fixed on the crowd in front of him, making sure everybody is enjoying the music as much as he is.

Lucky Done Gone's sets are a mixture of eternal styles: dreamy house, 90s techno, left field sounds and trance influences that dance between subdued vibes to the more emotional side of things.

Iggy P

Amsterdam-based DJ, collector, and owner of Betonska Records, Iggy P consumes and exhibits music as his full time passion. Alongside his creative endeavours, he is a part-time MA student in musicology, translating and transferring music history and musicology onto present and future dance floors. Former resident at Red Light Radio and Operator, he now resides at Echobox with his Betonska Basta Radio show.