Loraine James (live), Charmaine, Margie & Nathan Kofi

Price including €2,00 service costs

DOORS: 23:59 - 06:00

Parallel presents: a night curated by Bureau Punt with a live performance by London-based Loraine James and DJ sets by Dutch talents Charmaine, Margie, and Nathan Kofi.

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Loraine James (live)

Loraine James' wide exposure to jazz, electronica, UK drill, and grime, reassembled through her intuitive skills and intimate approach to music-making, can be heard on the colorful mix-up of her 2019 Hyperdub debut album 'For You And I'.

Loraine took advantage of the following lockdown to work on her next Hyperdub EP as well as self-releasing EPs on Bandcamp and a steady flow of remixes, as well as a monthly show on NTS.



Margie is a DJ, writer and overall music enthusiast from Amsterdam, who originally carved out her creative path in Eindhoven. She channels her passion for music, always aiming to help and support music moving forward. Mainly channelled through her work for Wax Poetics, DJing at various festivals and venues across Europe, and her own creative platform, Loch Ness. Margie’s multifaceted experiences and musical knowledge are continually reflected in all that she does. Raw, surprising and unapologetic in her selections, with curious ears she seamlessly traverses through musical genres without bounds.

Nathan Kofi