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Islandman - ADE

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Islandman are a live electro-acoustic trio from Turkey, consisting of Tolga Böyük, Eralp Güven and Erdem Başer. Their performances are a cross-cultural collection of shamanic rhythms, mellow electronic structures, dance beats and psychedelic guitar riffs, combining Turkish psychedelia and African roots music with the electric universe.

Islandman return this October for ADE following their one-take new album, Direct​-​to​-​Disc Sessions (ft. Okay Temiz & Muhlis Berberoğlu), promising a live performance packed with symbiotic electronic structures and acoustic harmonies.

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Islandman (live)

Coline Cornélis (DJ)

With sets ranging from gentle ambient to sweaty techno, DJ Coline Cornélis selects rare songs and recordings into unusual mixes and composes introspective ambient pieces based on field recordings. Her music was described by Pitchfork as “storm-tossed, thoughtful and luminous”.

She is a resident on two radio stations, Refuge Worldwide where she conveys her desire to make people dance and feel the energy weaving between bodies through journeys in all kinds of musical styles, and LYL Radio where she instills a softer, more introspective atmosphere by creating sets about chosen themes, inspired by emotions, conceived as sound collages.


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