w/ Tsepo, Mayo & Andy

Intercept Night


DOORS: 23:00 - 04:00

Intercept is a record label, design studio, and music collective founded in 2019 by Coloray. The label is run under the wing of Atomnation, one of The Netherlands’ leading electronica labels. Following Colorays concert, Intercept will be hosting the official afterparty starting at 11 PM featuring DJ sets by Tsepo, Mayo and Andy, celebrating Colorays latest album '©'.

Passionately embracing a non-conventional approach, Intercept collaborates closely with artists who defy the conventional norms of dance music. The collective's vision is directed towards the future of dance music, steering away from traditional paradigms. In just a year since its inception, Intercept has evolved into a close-knit family, welcoming artists from both local and international realms.

Sonically, Intercept transcends boundaries, navigating through non-4/4 rhythms and the experimental facets of production. While strongly influenced by these elements, there is a distinct connection to the realms of house and pop music within Intercept's ethos. This unique blend of influences renders the Intercept sound both elusive and ever-evolving.

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Tsepo’s pure dedication to DJing has earned him the respect of promoters around Europe. Rather than producing music to get his name out there, the Dutchman's sole focus is the art and craft of playing the right records at the right time. Always digging for something new and searching out sounds that will add to his musical vocabulary, the man with the big smile and bigger afro lives for longer sets where he can really tell a story.

Veering between considered house and cultured techno, his always interesting selections can make even the biggest clubs seem small and personal. He has a versatile sound that focuses on crafting an overarching atmosphere, be that with hypnotic grooves or deeper drums. For Tsepo, connecting with the crowd is key, whether that’s through subtle peaks and troughs or with more playful, party pumping tunes.


Mayo 2
Amsterdam's mayo is a musical multiped, whose path is rather unruly than unlogical. Her DJ sets, as well as her first releases, prove that she's not easy to pigeonhole. With a focus on downtempo electronics, EBM and techno, she weaves together a wide array of musical styles.

Taking music lessons at a young age, she discovered she couldn't commit to one program. By playing the drums, the guitar, and the saxophone, she worked towards a playfield of her own. Inspired by many musical styles, ranging from punk to reggaeton, mayo eventually moved towards DJing and music production, which would channel her unstoppable energy best. With whatever available to her, she managed to brew her experimental sounds into electronic punk music carrying her uncompromised disposition of character.


Andy's musical expression is intricately connected to the synergy of global influences, ranging from early releases to contemporary ones. Their sets consistently feature predominantly percussion-driven house music, marked by an abundant, almost secretive energy. This style is characterized by a steady rhythm, emotional resonance, subtle humor, and occasional surprises, all designed to maintain an engaging atmosphere. Andy's primary aim is to create an environment where crowds can freely let go.