w/ Mo Jakob, OISHĪ & Unruly Phoenix

GARDEN by Night

Price including €0,50 service costs

DOORS: 23:00

Parallel presents GARDEN by Night: an after-hours club continuation of our weekly GARDEN summer sessions, every Friday from 2nd June - 8th September.

This weekend, Parallel invites Mo Jakob, OISHĪ & Unruly Phoenix to dive into an eclectic selection of sounds from the global electronic underground.

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Mo Jakob

Mo Jakob is a Rotterdam-based DJ and programmer. In touch with several subcultures, he has a diverse pallete of music, from political hip-hop to mysterious Bollywood and Detroit House to hard techno. His style reflects on metropolitan fluidity and its complexity, touching every genre reminding him of the hood, the struggle and the hustle, giving a new sound to survival. His selections range from footwork, techno, hip-hop, clubtrax and everything in between. Being energetic, involved and making his sets poetic are things that make him inevitable in the club.


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OISHĪ is an Amsterdam based DJ and fashion designer known for her eccentric fashion style and juicy beats, rooted in the queer/ballroom scene. Her source of influences come from house, Afro riddims, Vogue beats, a dash of abile funk with a scoop of ancestral, otherworldly tribal sounds. With her femme fatale approach and raw edge style, OISHĪ is an up-and-coming DJ to keep your eye on.

Unruly Phoenix

Unruly Phoenix, also known as Gabrielle Gilliot, was raised in Suriname and currently lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She took the leap of faith by coming to the Netherlands to start her DJ journey in 2019., enrolling herself at the “DJ Boothcamp” in Rotterdam and dedicated herself to a rigorous regime of practice. She scored her debut at none other than Ziongate, where she was awe-struck by the sound taking the world by storm, “Amapiano”; she found her purpose, and the rest was history.

Nowadays, Unruly Phoenix’s name is closely associated with headliners such as Black Coffee, Major League, Dbngogo, WaxFiend & Philou Louzolo, and a mainstay at almost every Afrolectic party in the Netherlands. Behind the deck is where she feels most alive and able to transmute energy with music and share positive vibrations with the crowd.