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GARDEN by Day x Modus


free entrance (5-11PM)

Every Friday from 2nd June to 8th September, Parallel welcomes you to come and hang in the idyllic GARDEN of Tolhuistuin. The recipe is simple: free entrance to this hidden gem of a garden with local DJs spinning the finest eclectic electronic music, alongside a plethora of food and drinks.

This week, we're collaborating with Modus to bring a platter of eclectic electronics to the mix. Modus' mission is to curate events where visitors can experience electronic music in multiple ways: club modus, live modus - and now time for GARDEN modus. For this summer special, Modus curator and resident Lucky Done Gone has invited a selection of local talents to guide you into the weekend.

Entrance is free, but come early to secure your spot (no reservation required).

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Lucky Done Gone

TB LDG lowres12
As a DJ and creator, Lucky Done Gone launched his own platform Modus in 2022 to connect people and show his diverse musical taste in multiple ways, extending far beyond just house and techno. Those who have seen Lucky Done Gone play know it’s not just his sets that are contagious, but it’s his friendly artist vibe, too. His eyes are always fixed on the crowd in front of him, making sure everybody is enjoying the music as much as he is.

Lucky Done Gone's sets are a mixture of eternal styles: dreamy house, 90s techno, left field sounds and trance influences that dance between subdued vibes to the more emotional side of things.


OG Karin



Offering a fresh, weekly selection of sounds & flavours to welcome the weekend, with monthly musical takeovers.


As GARDEN is a hidden gem, some navigation points might come in handy. Click here to watch a video guide of the route to Parallel from the Buiksloterweg ferry, including how to reach GARDEN from there.

Head towards Parallel's new entrance, and turn left after passing the Tolhuistuin archway to enter the park. From there, follow the park path and the sound of music until arriving at your destination.

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