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DOORS: 23:59 - 05:00

Parallel presents: a night with local heroes FS Green & CHAMOS. These DJs and producers are known for their genre-bending sets, ranging from R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, and afro to electronic music.

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FS Green

FS Green is an Amsterdam raised producer and DJ. He laid the foundation for his career in the Netherlands making hit productions for a wide variety of Dutch hip-hop and pop artists with his recognisable melodic sound and catchy compositions.

FS Green's international popularity soared following a Major Lazer collaboration and an impressive Boiler Room performance in 2016. In this same year , he launched his alter-ego ‘Midas Hutch’ to showcase a refreshing take on 80’s Disco, Funk and R&B music. These influences are easy to recognise in FS Green's DJ sets where classic club tunes are mixed effortless with his own work.


Chamos is a slang term for buddies, pals, or friends. A name that perfectly fits this Dutch DJ and producer collective. Friendship brought CHAMOS together, and by sharing their good vibrations, they are now making new friends worldwide. After spinning the decks for quite a while, the collective started releasing remixes on Soundcloud in 2018. Quickly the streaming ratings skyrocketed, and the beloved edits became a massive success. All their hard work paid off. Nowadays, CHAMOS is playing shows worldwide, from Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London to Tokyo, Seoul, and Kuala Lumpur.
Whether online or in the club, CHAMOS continuously captivates the audience with its danceable productions and DJ sets. It's not just music that these friends bring to the stage; it's a vibe. A vibe for all friends, from smooth edits to club bangers. Their sound is a blend of r&b, hip-hop, and electronic music combined with worldly influences such as afro, dancehall, and baile funk. With their energetic performances, these multi-talents quickly get every crowd excited.