Feels Right

Price including €2,00 service costs

Saturday 2nd September at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 05:00

Throughout the day, you might have moments that feel good. Still, people often dwell on moments that don't feel right and take good things for granted. But at Feels Right, we focus on the fact that many things feel right, too: the people, the DJs, the venue, and especially the music.

Feels Right is a club night not tied to one genre but a gathering of multiple sounds: from R&B, Afro, house, Hip-Hop, and so on, as long as it feels right. The Dutch club scene has many talents who can effortlessly deliver this combination of sounds and bring them abroad. Feels Right is happy to put these artists in the spotlight at Amsterdam's newest club, Parallel.

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Paul Mond

Paul Mond is a producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist based in Frankfurt, Germany. Known for his inventive “flips,” Paul merges guitar and bass skills with his production chops in the hip-hop and rap space to create exciting and endlessly creative mash-up tracks. Since 2017, his flips have become a staple in the arsenal of many DJ’s, garnering him a sizable following on SoundCloud and Instagram. Most recently, Paul co-produced Syd’s “Right Track” feat. Smino, Amber Mark’s “Worth It”, 2KBaby’s “Old Shoes” feat. Mozzy, Bas’s “Nirvana” with Falcons & B. Lewis, and Melii’s “Nena.”


Born in the dust of the Brazilian caatinga, Pantera was raised in a house full of
musicians and storytellers. Influenced by his dad’s funky baselines and the
drums in everything on his surroundings, he has found his home in house
music, baile funk, jungle, Afro house and the wonders of Afro baile. Pantera is also a producer and multi instrumentalist, and since his move to Germany, has worked together with Riverside Sessions and BAILESERVICE.


Chamos is a slang term for buddies, pals, or friends. A name that perfectly fits this Dutch DJ and producer collective brought together through friendship. After DJing together for quite a while, the collective started releasing remixes on Soundcloud in 2018. Their sound is a blend of r&b, hip-hop, and electronic music combined with worldly influences such as afro, dancehall, and baile funk.

Fresh off the success of their edits, CHAMOS is now playing shows worldwide, from Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London to Tokyo, Seoul, and Kuala Lumpur. Whether online or in the club, CHAMOS continuously captivates the audience with its danceable productions and DJ sets. From smooth edits to club bangers, these multi-talents quickly get every crowd excited.

Tida Kamara

Tida Kamara is a rising star in Dutch nightlife, bringing her unique blend of genres and cultural influences to dance floors across the country. With roots in Sierra Leone, Tida draws on her heritage to create an eclectic sound; showcasing artists from across the world. From a relatively young age, she found herself across clubs and festivals in the Netherlands and in Europe. Tida showed off her range with her own radio show on Operator, called 'Tebete', which is a celebration of her roots and pays homage to her family.


Kurashi Soundsystem

MC: Kingsta


To help keep Parallel a safe and respectful space where people feel free to be their entire selves, please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to your arrival.

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