w/ Shaka Lion, CHAMOS & more

Feels Right

Price including €2,00 service costs

Friday March 10th at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 05:00

Throughout the day, you might have moments that feel good. Still, people often dwell on moments that don't feel right and take good things for granted. But at 'Feels Right,' we focus on the fact that many things feel right, too: the people, the DJs, the venue, and especially the music.

Feels Right is a club night not tied to one genre but a gathering of multiple sounds: from r&b, afro, house, hip-hop, and so on, as long as it feels right. The Dutch club scene has many talents who can effortlessly deliver this combination of sounds and bring them abroad. Feels Right is happy to put these artists in the spotlight at Amsterdam's newest club, Parallel. During this second edition, local artists CHAMOS, Soulely, Elliqa, and DIFFSUMM will be joined by Shaka Lion. This Lisbon-based DJ is part of music collective and platform Soulection and can create a set that mixes funk carioca, hip hop, among others, derived from bass music, with the greatest of ease. Come through and discover a new club experience that feels right.

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Shaka Lion

Shaka Lion wobbles uniquely when he performs. It couldn’t be otherwise, seeing as his selections are made from the most tropical recordings through to electronics that have more “ginga”. If the DJ is truly responsible for taking the audience on a journey, then the itineraries that Shaka Lion traces are always dotted with classic references, often in edits or contemporary remixes, which naturally complement his latest releases. His imagination has no limits, being able to create a set that mixes funk carioca, hip hop, among others derived from bass music, with the greatest of ease. In the Shaka Lion’ repertoire there have been performances in São Paulo, Curitiba, Paris, and in some of the most prestigious clubs of Lisbon and Porto alongside names like Sango, Total Freedom, Tommy Genesis, Branko and Emicida. Although he came from Brazil, the DJ has made Lisbon his home, the city that is increasingly a melting pot of influences from the whole world - the ideal place for a head that does not stop mixing.


Chamos is a slang term for buddies, pals, or friends. A name that perfectly fits this Dutch DJ and producer collective brought together through friendship. After DJing together for quite a while, the collective started releasing remixes on Soundcloud in 2018. Their sound is a blend of r&b, hip-hop, and electronic music combined with worldly influences such as afro, dancehall, and baile funk.

Fresh off the success of their edits, CHAMOS is now playing shows worldwide, from Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London to Tokyo, Seoul, and Kuala Lumpur. Whether online or in the club, CHAMOS continuously captivates the audience with its danceable productions and DJ sets. From smooth edits to club bangers, these multi-talents quickly get every crowd excited.




MC: Kingsta