w/ Matisa, Tsepo & Perdu


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Saturday November 5th at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 06:00

Get ready for some energetic journeys into forgotten gems and future classics with DJ BORING. He inhabits a space where throwback trance sits comfortably with old-school house, and Belgium Techno syncs with rolling funk. To make this night even better, DJ BORING invites Matisa, Tsepo and Perdu.

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DJ BORING aka Tristan Hallis could be the most ironically named performer today: energetic journeys into forgotten gems and future classics, nothing about what he does is boring. He inhabits a space where throwback trance sits comfortably with old-school house, and Belgium Techno syncs with rolling funk. He meets each mix physically with sweaty, infectious performances that are compelling to watch.

In the studio, the producer has honed in on a contemporary sound paying homage to dance music's dense past. Whether its Detroit Techno-inspired or Chicago House layered with obscure Youtube samples, his productions are birthed in hardware and imbued with Hallis' energetic personality - humanity sorely lacking in many productions today. This trait shines through in his new live show where hardware and controllers become a natural extension of his creative self, a conduit through which he presents a fresh take on his music.


Born in Rome, but currently based in the Italian capital of Arts, Florence, Isabella (aka Matisa) has been plugging away at her sound, creating her own energy that is bright, bubbling and emotional. Until the age of 13 the young musician played both piano and oboe however started to feel like her creative expression was limited, it was here that a career in dj’ing and music production started to take shape.

Wanting to enhance the dance floor spirit, Matisa’s productions are born to inspire expression and to lose yourself in the moment. With releases on such labels as Optimo Music, Biologic Records and Butter Sessions to date, Matisa has already laid solid foundations for the future.

Matisa has always looked for other ways to express herself artistically, and in 2018 she started designing in the fashion world and went on to receive a masters in Fashion Product Management at Polimoda; one of the top ten fashion institutes in the world. With no boundaries to artistic influence and keeping strong ties to this industry Matisa not only works and collaborates with top brands and talented designers but seamlessly and authentically ties these careers and passions together.


Tsepo’s pure dedication to DJing has earned him the respect of promoters around Europe. Rather than producing music to get his name out there, the Dutchman's sole focus is the art and craft of playing the right records at the right time. Always digging for something new and searching out sounds that will add to his musical vocabulary, the man with the big smile and bigger afro lives for longer sets where he can really tell a story.

Veering between considered house and cultured techno, his always interesting selections can make even the biggest clubs seem small and personal. He has a versatile sound that focuses on crafting an overarching atmosphere, be that with hypnotic grooves or deeper drums. For Tsepo, connecting with the crowd is key, whether that’s through subtle peaks and troughs or with more playful, party pumping tunes.


Perdu knew early on that he wanted to make furore behind the decks. He started at local parties with extended sets in his hometown Leiden, from which he has grown to play at big events such as DGTL Festival, Festimi, Percolate London and Zeezout to name a few. With a wide range of 90s influenced tracks, he searches for the sweet spot in every set.

Next to collecting and dj'ing, he spends his days in the studio. Where he first started with the edit-ing of tracks, he soon created his own style and tracks.