w/ shimza, bun xapa & more


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Saturday 1st April at Parallel
Doors: 23:59 - 06:00

Showcasing Afro-Electronic sounds and rhythms from all corners of the globe, Parallel introduces its latest collaboration with NYC-based DESCENDANTS. For this debut edition, we welcome scene-leading Shimza who will be performing for the first time in Amsterdam.


DESCENDANTS is the fastest growing community based Afro House experience in New York City. Our mission is to bring beautiful souls together to express and truly experience Afro House and other culturally inspired electronic music. Combining eclectic Afro-Electronic artists from around the world that express a wide range of culturally inspired house music, along with in-house projection mapping & visuals, DESCENDANTS strives to curate Spiritually Elevated Experiences for their visitors.

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Bun Xapa

Born and bred in the deep roots of South Africa, Bun Xapa understands and interprets the gospel of the heart of Africa, sampling Indigenous sounds, African folk music and Afro rooted instruments from Djembe, gongs, mbira to Koras and Soukous. In 2019, Bun Xapa got noticed by Angolan heavyweight and label owner of Seres Produções, DJ Satelite, where he got an exclusive music publishing deal, and has been given a platform to showcase his music.

Rated in the top 100 Afro House artist of the year 2021 and getting special articles and salutes from media entities such as DJ MAG, Resident Advisory, Mixmag & Daily sun to name a few, Bun Xapa has 5 years of experience DJing. Sharing stages with House Music Pioneers, he has played at the iconic Village underground based in Lisbon, a venue known for hosting Boiler Room events and most recently the InsomniacTV event, GLDNGRID.


Unquestionably one of South Africa's brightest talents, Shimza (Ashley Raphala) has made the transition from aspirant industry young blood to leading light of the global afro house scene at almost breakneck speed. The Tembisa-born DJ and producer combines his unrelenting passion for music with an inextinguishable desire to make a positive impact on his surroundings. A totem figure in South Africa’s music scene and one of the leaders of house music in Africa, he's making worldwide waves with releases on the likes of Cadenza Records and Knee Deep In Sound. Launching KUNYE (together in Xhosa/Zulu) in November 2020, Shimza has built a bridge between South Africa’s emerging producers and the global stage.

Shimza’s outstanding ability to seamlessly cut, loop and fuse between genres and styles showcases his technical prowess, leaving dance floors in awe. Delivering explosive performances at Boiler Room Johannesburg and RESISTANCE Cape Town, Shimza has also enchanted international audiences in the likes of New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Manchester and Sicily. Shimza's Ibiza residency at Privilege solidifies Shimza’s footprint and provides a platform for him to take his sound to places where music is the universal language.

Meedy (NY)

Meedy is a self-taught DJ/Producer and founder of DESCENDANTS. His musical journey began at age 2, when his Afghan roots connected him to the Tabla which he played for 10 years. At age 13, he started producing music and began his career as an experiential event producer in Miami. Later, Meedy connected deeply with the rhythmic presence in Afro house, resonating with his roots and childhood. He founded DESCENDANTS with the vision that those who are 'Descendants' of the rhythms and elements within Afro house should have a platform and safe space to experience healing and joy through this profound music.