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Bru-C / Nia Archives - ADE

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Thursday October 20th at Parallel
Doors: 19:30
Start: 20:30

Parallel will welcome two genre-pushing UK artists during the Thursday of ADE. Enter Bru-C and Nia Archives.

Bru-C is a juggernaut of the UK underground, sporting a versatile back-catalogue filled with releases that stretch the boundaries of UK Bass, Garage and Drum 'n Bass. His collaborations include the likes of Example, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Mr Traumatik, Devilman and Duskee.

Parallel is equally humbled to invite Nia Archives, the prolific creator of soft-hearted lo-fi Jungle, whose memories of music are deeply rooted in proud Jamaican heritage. Born in Leeds, she attended the Pentecostal church regularly as a child where she was, to radical effect, exposed to gospel music. Early releases of her are ‘(Over) Thinking’ and ‘Crossroads’, all inspired by troubling familial relationships and a slew of rich musical influences.

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A true voice of the UK underground music scene, Bru-C has quickly become one of the most infamous figures across UK Bass/ Bassline, UK Garage and Drum & Bass. The Nottingham based MC has been grafting in the scene since 2014 and his rise to the top has been nothing less than meteoric. With 2 full length albums,Bru-C has proved his versatility across different styles and sounds and is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone to showcase his sound across different genres. Through his albums and other releases, with the likes of CruCast, the UK Bass scenes top label, Bru-C has earned his right to be considered one of the best in the scene and has the repertoire to back it up working with names such as Example, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Mr Traumaik, Devilman and Duskee, as well as producers such as Jamie Duggan, Skepsis, Simula, Holy Goof and Shapes. Bru-C’s energy is unmatched and every event he plays, he is the life of the party, an exceptional ability to freestyle MC as well as host events, Bru-C has sold out shows at clubs and festivals all over the world includingthe UK, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Estonia and more. Bru-C is undeniably a superstar of the UK underground music scene, while remaining humble and fiercely proud of his upbringing and where he’s from, he continues to elevate the scene and the artist around him as he continues his rise to the top.

Nia Archives

Nia Archives is making soft-hearted lo-fi jungle for introverted extroverts. Her first memories of music are deeply rooted in her Jamaican heritage; reggae and lovers rock were always on around her childhood home in Leeds.

A proud young British black woman who grew up in a predominantly white area, it’s important to Nia to take up space in jungle as a young Black woman, representing her dual-heritage roots and carving out space for other Black women to see themselves in the genre. Heavily influenced by soundsystem culture and carnival - the good vibes, energy and uniting quality of which undeniably teems through her music, she’s also inspired by artists and icons like Grace Jones, Erykah Badu, Angela Davies, Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, Maya Angelou and more - all women who in their own way have represented and pushed forwards generations of black women.