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Bixaria 'Queer Brazilian Club Night'

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Welcome to BIXARIA - Queer Brazilian Club Night - a party focused on creating space for shaking the r4bas!

The Amsterdam based party celebrates its second edition in town. BIXARIA holds the space for those who want to explore their queerness in whatever moment they are, coming from movements experimenting on how to center spaces for BIPOC Queers and immigr4nts in a dialogue with the LGBTQIA+ local community. But don’t be afraid of not being Queer enough, we love you as you are and our goal is to have fun! You are welcomed to enjoy the set of Baile Funk, Brega Funk, Brazilian House, Denbow, and experimentations with that.

BIXARIA is organized by the badass Brazilian-Roma director @gunpowder.on.fire (Thais Di Marco) who will be celebrating their 37th anniversary at the party (bring a gift or a letter for them)! And cared for by Mother Lucía, who manages the door policy and gender awareness team!

Check the cover of the first edition at VICE.NL and follow @bixaria_queer_clubnight if you are in doubt about if this space is for you, or want tips on how to be in the space read the manifesto and letter of intentions at:

https://bixariaclubnight.tumblr.com/post/750935423449202688/door-policylletter-of-intentions or at the door.

Special edition - Roma Boss's 37th birthday - Bring a gift or a letter for them!

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DJ Mundo

MUNDO @mundopedrozo is a Brazilian DJ, photographer and creative director
based in the Netherlands. He likes to mix nostalgic and avant-garde elements of
Brazilian Funk and make everyone shake their booty on the dance floor.


Andras_2020, native of Salvador, Bahia, is a versatile artist and DJ
active in the fields of performance, dance and electronic music. Recognised for their experimental approach as a DJ, Andras_2020 explores a wide range of rhythms, including guaracha, funk, break and perreo, as well as avant-garde edits of pop and experimental music.


DAZLBØY will bring the real Baile Funk to the stage of BIXARIA with all the aspects of his experience, from rhythmic São Paulo funk, Ritmado, Automotivo and Bruxaria, to Rio de Janeiro funk, creating an authentic and engaging blend to make everyone twerk.

DJ Pyraña

Experience the raw, passionate energy of Brazil's Northeast with DJ Pyraña! ''I will bring to Bixaria a fusion of bregafunk and Brazilian funk. My set is filled mostilly with the noisy and sexy voices of female MCs. Get ready for an unforgettable night at Bixaria as I bring the soul of Brazil to the dancefloor!"

Mother Lucía

Lucía Lodi (she/they) is a nonbinary transfemme from Brazil. She has been working with Queer communities since 2017. She has hosted and produced safer spaces, support groups, Queer focused events, while also creating and giving workshops around issues surrounding Queer culture and communities. At Bixaria she will mix her experience in producing Safer Queer Club nights, such as GBQP and Klauw, with her passionate desire to mexer o Popozão (to dance Baile Funk)

Lx Gitana Boss

Lx Gitana Boss @gunpowder.on.fire has the dem0n of rev0lt in their body since they were a child and extreme business leadership nature. After many years of failing ex0rcism, decided to assume saying what no one wants to hear. Created BIXARIA as they wanted to have their own party to go to.



Please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to arrival to help keep Parallel a safe space where people feel free to be their entire selves.

Follow: @bixaria_queer_clubnight
More info and door policy:

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