BIXARIA - Queer Brazilian Club Night

Price including €2,00 service costs

DOORS: 23:00 - 05:00

Parallel welcomes BIXARIA, a queer Brazilian club night focused on balançar a raba for an Amsterdam Pride party at Parallel to celebrate their third edition. Join us for a night under the umbrella of sounds from the great hits of the likes of Anita, Pabllo Vittar, Luisa Sonza, MC Drika and many others, welcoming sounds across the spectrum of baile funk, brega funk, Brazilian house, dembow, reggaeton and many more.

MC Delivery Dance battle with Diego Oliveira
Mini dance class with Anna Carolina Marques and the Baile Project
Samba show with Jovana Shows Entertainment
MC Nansea

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At BIXARIA, queerness is celebrated in a Brazilian way, resisting and celebrating at the same time, embracing those who move their bodies as they want across their true house: Planet Earth. BIXARIA is organised by Thais Di Marco and the team of The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks, a project that dreamed of liberating the artists from neoliberal corporate language and harmful production systems that create competition, disunion, gate-keeping, appropriation, extraction, centralization and more.

Thais is a queer decolonial performing arts director based in Amsterdam since 2016 of Roma decent, born in a Candomblé community called Redandá in Cipó-Guaçu - Brazil. Alongside them is Mother Lucía Lodi, a nonbinary transfemme from Brazil event organizer with 15+ years of experience organising queer-orientated safer space parties facilitating a space of expression of anti-normative bodies and gender disruptive people.

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Mother Lucía

Lucía Lodi (she/they) is a nonbinary transfemme from Brazil. She has been working with Queer communities since 2017. She has hosted and produced safer spaces, support groups, Queer focused events, while also creating and giving workshops around issues surrounding Queer culture and communities. At Bixaria she will mix her experience in producing Safer Queer Club nights, such as GBQP and Klauw, with her passionate desire to mexer o Popozão (to dance Baile Funk)


Sukubratz will warm you up with a club reggaeton selection from the Internet world. Expect hot remixes for ass shaking activities.

Folly Ghost

Folly Ghost is a Brazilian DJ, producer and curator based in Berlin. His tracks are a collection of seductive rhythms with a fierce bass that set the mood for a celebration of bodies. Influenced by his upbringing in Rio de Janeiro, mixtures of Baile Funk are often featured in his sets, however Folly Ghost's commitment is not to genres, but to creating a space for lust and delight.

MC Nansea


Pyraña is a force of nature that likes to connect like an octopus of possibilities for desire, Pyraña knows how to bring people together and to keep them united by sweat. At the Bixaria, they bring northern-eastern brazilian cangaceirx power, the power of those who shake, shake, but don't fall. Don't mess with Pyraña, just let this power get into your veins, it will make you stay on the dance floor until 5AM.


To help keep Parallel a safe and respectful space where people feel free to be their entire selves, please familiarise yourself with the House Rules prior to your arrival.

SAFER SPACE: BIXARIA proposes a space where we can be brave by taking care of each other, letting go of the heteronormative standards imposed on us by the cis-tem. To do so, this club night will be premised on the following ground rules:

1. Consent is essential. Do not touch someone without asking first, and be mindful of people's boundaries. Preventing harrassment is important to and for everyone.

2. Do not assume anyone's gender, sexuality or ethnicity: respect and appreciate people's clothing, movements and body language in that moment. Everyone is invited to play with their clothing and movement.

3. Put to rest your pre-conceptions for the night: focusing on the beauty of bodies, dance, and the present moment.

4. If you don't know if you are queer enough, don't worry. We believe in the collective struggle of the working class, mediation, restorative justice, assuming good intentions, and taking care of our communities together.

If you would like to receive mediation or support during the party, contact Lucia, the mother of BIXARIA, who has life-long practice creating Safer Spaces, organising queer parties and is a professional floor manager.

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Click to read Vice's on the ground report of BIXARIA's first edition for a flavour of the Pride antics in store at Parallel this August.