ANCESTRAL (powered by Ziongate)

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DOORS: 23:59 - 05:00

Every other month Ziongate invites collectives that share their philosophy on music, nightlife, and culture.

ANCESTRAL (est. 2014) is an artistic and cultural platform. They build bridges and create spaces where artists feel inspired to tell their stories and share their culture. ANCESTRAL has been pushing rhythm and culture to unforeseen levels in the last 8 years. We've had the opportunity to invite artists from around the world such as; DJ Satelite (Angola), Gardy Girault (Haiti), Jose Marquez (United States), MR. ID (Morocco), Mr. Raoul K (Ivory Coast), Shaka Lion (Brazil), Shimza (South Africa) among many others, all in the name of ANCESTRAL. From Argentina to Zimbabwe all good music has its history and a flavored future and we intend to discuss, listen and dance to the tales of the music world's journey.

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Ceciel Moyano

Unruly Phoenix

Unruly Phoenix, also known as Gabrielle Gilliot, was raised in Suriname and currently lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She took the leap of faith by coming to the Netherlands to start her DJ journey in 2019., enrolling herself at the “DJ Boothcamp” in Rotterdam and dedicated herself to a rigorous regime of practice. She scored her debut at none other than Ziongate, where she was awe-struck by the sound taking the world by storm, “Amapiano”; she found her purpose, and the rest was history.

Nowadays, Unruly Phoenix’s name is closely associated with headliners such as Black Coffee, Major League, Dbngogo, WaxFiend & Philou Louzolo, and a mainstay at almost every Afrolectic party in the Netherlands. Behind the deck is where she feels most alive and able to transmute energy with music and share positive vibrations with the crowd.

Ivan Diaz