Programming Parallel

In conversation with Parallel's programmers, Raaf verhoef & Wesley texel (in dutch)

Nachtmakers is a podcast hosted by Rosa Cherim which invites people with a strong connection to night culture to share their experiences and inspiration. In this episode, Parallel's programmers Wesley and Raaf share how they came to programme a new nightclub in Amsterdam, their own experiences in the nightlife industry, and what inspires them.

In this episode, Wesley and Raaf discuss their vision to curate an inclusive, experimental and diverse club space that does not focus on one genre or community. Discussing and reflecting on Parallel’s contribution to Amsterdam's nightlife, you can hear more about the vision behind a new chapter in the industry below

All episodes of Nachtmakers are available on every major podcast platform. Other guests on the show include: Gabey Tjon a Tham, Pim Sem Benjamin, Bogomir Doringer and Emma Waslander.

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